Natural Health Newsletters for Natural Health Professionals

Are you a natural health professional who’s interested in a way to attract new customers and build better relationships with them?

Because if you are, I think I can help you.

A newsletter on natural health is the perfect complement to a health related business and for many reasons. But the best reason is this: a newsletter will help you make more money.  And at just $79 a month, a newsletter may actually save you money by eliminating less-effective forms of advertising.

If you’re interested in learning more, open the sample newsletter for the fictional Chiropractic Center of Cherry Creek, then continue reading.

A good e-newsletter filled with valuable natural health information will get shared. From the Connect With Us buttons in the newsletter, to the various ways readers can Like, Tweet and Pin anything they want, an optimized newsletter is a shared newsletter. And that’s just the beginning.

The mileage you can get from a monthly newsletter, especially on a topic as popular as natural health, is astronomical. And this will translate into more clients, customers and patients.

A newsletter is meant to be a soft sell. The general practice is somewhere around 80 percent value and 20 percent promotional. But in that 20 percent you can include coupons for special promotions, testimonials from current customers, information on lesser-known products and services, and whatever else you can think of.

Furthermore, an e-newsletter filled with valuable content will set your business apart from the rest. It will establish your brand in a competitive field. And it will do so economically.

Not sure if email marketing is right for your business?  Check out our free report: Make More Money From Your Email Marketing With This Simple Tool.

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